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External Compliance Links

Raw ITAR regs as published by USG

Raw EAR regs as published by USG

State Department DDTC export site

Commerce Department BIS export site

Society for International Affairs (trade group)

ELISA online license status-checking

Consolidated USG List for background checks

NISPOM and Industrial Security Letters

Note: One or more of these links may display a warning that DDTC is an insecure or even dangerous site, with an invalid security certificate. You may this warning: "Your connection is not private." This happens inconsistently among browsers, and may be in part a function of the massive rewrite of the DTrade system and website. That said, these are all valid links. You can feel safe to continue through to the USG or DDTC website.

During such events as our 2-day site survey, we spend one or more days training you, your management, shipping, IT, human resources – whoever you specify while we’re there on-site with you.


But what happens after we leave? We continue to support our clients to the extent they wish or need, even in many cases to serve as their out-sourced export-compliance department. To help you develop self-sufficiency in export control compliance training, we can also prepare for you a customized version of this training and testing Website. It is expressly designed to comply with export regulations and published best-practice doctrine, such as the Nunn-Wolfowitz Task Force.

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