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Searchable and annotated copies of the two main USG export regulations -- the EAR and the ITAR -- are available for you to download at the links, below. To aid understanding, we at ElL have reformatted this ITAR with an outline-indented format that makes the regulation much easier to understand. For reasons of tradition, U.S. statutes and regulations tend toward a minimalist formatting, with all levels of paragraph numbering and lettering sharing the left margin. This can get bewildering when there are four or five levels of logical subservience, and conventional indent-formatting is more easily followed. So we downloaded and assembled the complete ITAR, converting it to indent-formatting, and then added extensive internal hyperlinks for rapid ease of navigating through the document. We didn't do that with the EAR, both because it is already in a more readable format, and because reformatting a 1600-page regulation is untenable. That said, we think you'll find our version of the EAR not only searchable, but overall much more user-friendly.

Our versions of regulations are always to be considered tools, however useful, and you should always check against the official versions before finalizing any export analysis, because the USG is constantly updating these export regulations. Also, any of our annotations inside these documents are merely notes we have made for our own purposes in servicing a variety of clients. In some cases they are tentative, and in all cases the wise reader will take them with a grain of salt. Here are links to USG versions of the ITAR and EAR.
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Other regulations that may impact your export compliance needs are downloadable at these links, below. We often put a vertical link down the left-hand margin of regulations we regularly review, which is linked as a quick return to a common page, such as a table of contents. So hover your cursor at the left-margin to see. Remember to read the page-after-cover-page in our versions of the ITAR and EAR for more detailed descriptions of how we have supercharged the documents to make your analyses more efficient.
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Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide

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Office of Foreign Assets Control - Economic Sanctions & Export Controls